My Ph.D Journey in Review


In 2022, I reached a significant milestone in my academic journey as I earned my Ph.D. degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE). This momentous achievement was not solely my own but the result of the support and collaboration of my academic advisor (Prof. Taous-Meriem Laleg-Kirati) and research colleagues. I hereby express my gratitude for their tireless efforts and collaboration. Their passion for knowledge and relentless pursuit of research has been an inspiration throughout this incredible journey, and together we have accomplished more than I could have ever imagined.

Happy graduation! What better way to start 2023 than to celebrate the work we've accomplished in 2022:

  • We published Quantum signal denoising. We Proposed an adaptive, general and data-driven curvature penalty for signal denoising via the Schrödinge operator. The penalty term is simple and in closed form and is implemented as C-SCSA.
  • We validated C-SCSA by a number of simulations and experiments. Two case studies involve chromatography with stationary Gaussian noise and MIT-BIH ECG database contaminated by noise stress test database.
  • A biomedical application to estimate arterial blood pressure by using PPG signal only. With trained individual model it can estimate BP in real time, by taking signals from a tiny sensor at the finger. We developed and tested two frameworks for arterial BP estimation.
  • We tested our BP estimation algorithm against 12,000 real patients from MIMIC II database. Our algorithm meet the AAMI standard and achieved grade A against BHS protocol.
  • We developed a biomedical tool to automatically label potential epileptic spikes in MEG/EEG data. This program can optimize parameters in the system and save 70-80% of time for physicians and clinical experts.
  • We developed an epileptic spike detection framework (EDFA) based only on input data. This program yields better performance metrics and simplicity against other literature publications in real data analysis.

And a few ancillaries…

  • I successfully developed a cutting-edge quant trading system utilizing artificial intelligence for automated trading and notifications. The system is capable of analyzing the entire trading history of all pairs on Binance, constructing a real-time database to execute strategies 24/7. Through the integration of Binance API, the program has achieved an impressive 90-95% winning rate with each trade averaging 10-20% of avenue within 4 hours of each trade, given specific trading volumes and price correction patterns. To maintain its effectiveness, the implementation details of this strategy will be kept confidential from public access.
  • We assisted one of our clients in developing a blockchain ecosystem with an innovative banking model that encourages long-term holders. We implemented a new staking system called token bank, which allows investors to make significant profits by 10X-100X their existing balances. As the first in the industry with a more efficient model than reflection reward systems, 48.26 BNB (approximately $31,000) was raised on pinksale within 2 days.

Incredibly proud of everything we have accomplished – onward to 2023!